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Why Bellingham Wa Has Become So Popular

Why Bellingham Wa Has Become So Popular

Over the last couple of years, it has become increasingly obvious that Bellingham is becoming more popular.  This did not occur to me until the last series of acknowledgements came out about Bellingham.  The most recent was one came from Gallup that put out a report about the “Happiest and Healthiest cities in America.”  Bellingham WA came out #12.  CNNMoney put out an article showing the “25 Best Places to Retire.”  It is becoming very clear to many people around the region that our mild winters and summers along with our close proximity to Vancouver BC and Seattle is a plus.

Bellingham has much to offer its residents.  If you are a skier you have Mt Baker or Whistler.  If you are a boater or scuba diver there is the San Juan Islands and Vancouver Island close by.

So why are we talking about Bellingham?  Our store is in Lynden, WA  just outside of Bellingham, WA.  We are only 7 miles north on the Guide Meridian right on the Pole Rd.  Our customers come from all over the area, but if you are near Seattle then please come up, check out the area and especially if you need a new set of wheels stop by and check us out!

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