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Used Car Prices In Bellingham

Used Car Prices In Bellingham

Have you noticed the used car prices in Bellingham lately? Well as a small dealer now I am able to move around and talk to many other dealers unlike ever before. The used car prices in Bellingham seem to be a little high for what you are getting. Follow me because this is what I mean. Here at Chad Chambers Auto sales we offer excellent used cars, trucks, vans, crossovers and sport utilities but actually we offer much more.

There are many big dealers in Bellingham. What do you see there? You are more apt to see big dealer tactics. You will more than likely going to be treated like a number. In the end the deal will conclude with a reduction of price (but it will still be more than you expected), and/or your trade in will be stolen from you.

How does that play into used car prices in Bellingham? It all means that you will pay too much in Bellingham. We keep the prices low. We look at competitors prices while you are standing right in front of us. We are constantly scanning other inventories to be competitive. If we are higher, then more than likely there will be a very good reason.

We have to be competitive!

Chad Chambers Auto Sales does not have the overhead that the big dealers have and as such we can keep the used car prices lower than Bellingham.

If you do come down and you don’t find what you are looking for do not despair.  We are always looking for vehicles for customers.  We got to auctions weekly.  We work with other dealers daily and network with wholesalers seemingly hourly.  Let us know what you want and if you are serious about making a deal with us we will go out and find it for you.  This is another way of keeping the prices low because we only get the vehicles our customers want.  So the next time you see a sign on a vehicle that reads “ Car for sale by owner.”  Keep that in mind or call us maybe its a car we are looking for.

Lastly, I want to add that we have a personalized touch here at Chad Chambers Auto Sales.  WE LISTEN—WE LET YOU CHOOSE- We want you to do financing on your terms.  If we can’t buy your trade for what you are in it maybe we will take it on consignment .  We have an excellent consignment program.  So the next time you think about a used car or a used truck for sale on the side of the road, don’t go to that auto mart down the road  with those used car prices in Bellingham, NO, Stop by say hi and take a look around.  Thank you

More about Chad Chambers and Chad Chambers Auto Sales:

Chad Chambers has been serving Whatcom County and has been serving nearby customers in nearby communities of Skagit and Snohomish counties since 1984. Even Seattle owners drive up I-5 to Lynden for affordable vehicles. COME SEE OUR PRELOVED CARS!

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Are you browsing other Mount Vernon or Everett Used Car dealerships? Don’t buy until you visit Chad Chambers Auto Sales near Bellingham in Lynden, WA.

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We also work extensively with our Canadian customers and work with all ports of entry for your convenient delivery. Chad Chambers Auto Sales also offers you top dollar for your trade-in.